Caputo Farina di Pasticceria Tipo 00 - Soft Wheat Flour - 1kg



This T00 wheat flour is of such high quality that it will allow you to bring all your craziest pastry projects to life!

T00 flour is a white Italian flour, very refined and low in mineral salts. It has a high concentration of gluten, which makes it ideal for pastry making.

It is precisely thanks to the presence of gluten in the flour that the dough can be elastic and can withstand long fermentations (necessary for the preparation of brioches in particular). There are 2 essential proteins present in gluten. These create an elastic and extensible network that will hold the carbon dioxide bubbles of the yeast and thus cause the dough to rise and the crumb to aerate.

  • Protein: 26%.
  • Baking strength W 200/220
  • Elasticity P/L 0.50/0.60

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